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Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise

Uniform Invoice Software is the new generation of Excel Invoice Manager - our popular invoicing software since 2005
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14 February 2014

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This is a software that helps manage many aspects of a business including invoice generation.

Uniform Invoice Software, is based on the MS Excel program. It helps connect many pre-formatted invoice and other templates with a backend database to create a useful business tool. This tool is available in three different versions. One is a personal edition. There is a network edition that is Uniform Invoice Software Net and an enterprise edition. The tool comes with a large number of pre-designed invoice templates. The interface presented by these templates when running over Excel is very simple making the combination easy to operate. Most users who do these invoices day in and day out, should not have any difficulty in coping with this tool. Invoice for several types of businesses as well as several different needs are available for download. For example invoices for consultant’s practice to a gift shop are a big range of such templates. Simple invoices, sale invoices or invoices including VAT and other taxes are types of templates available.

General Sales Invoice template is the default invoice form layout shipped with the installer program of this Invoice Manager program. It is suitable for many business types. This has the standard "Bill To" and "Ship To" fields as well as a body section to detail the service provided or the goods supplied. While Excel is an ideal tool for creating a special invoice format, for storing your data you need a database system. Custom fields are supported. It offers both for your convenience. This now supports Windows 8, Office 2013 in both 32bit and 64bit. This is a very good tool.

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When it's time to do billing you need easy to use invoicing software, and you need an invoice format that meets your business requirements. Excel is an ideal tool for creating your very own invoice format, but when it comes to storing your data, you need a database system. Excel Invoice Manager was based on this understanding and was release in 2005. The ability of connecting an invoice template in Excel format to backend database makes the billing software not only easy to use, but also powerful enough to manager large amount of data. That's why Excel Invoice Manager is so popular around the world.
With the release of Uniform Invoice Software 3.12, Excel Invoice Manager goes into a new era. Uniform Invoice Software by Uniform Software Ltd now supports the new platforms like Windows 8, Office 2013 - both 32bit and 64bit is supported. The features of custom fields support are available in all editions, and it is much easier to use than before.
Uniform Invoice Software is released in 3 editions - Uniform Invoice Software Personal, Uniform Invoice Software Net, and Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise. The Enterprise edition supports all the features that are available in the Net edition, plus it allows you to connect with and use SQL Server database.
Uniform Invoice Software setup program includes only a default sales invoice template. More customized invoice templates can be found and download for free from our web site.
This new version 3.14 added a "Colors" command to Customers, Products and Invoices data list windows, which allows you to set the status colors of customers (active, inactive and terminated), products (active and inactive), invoices (pending, paid, void).
Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise
Uniform Invoice Software Enterprise
Version 3.14
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